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Cow share is an excellent option for people who want healthier meat options at reasonably lower prices. You pool together with your family, friends, or other community members to buy a whole grass-fed cow, usually from a family owned-ranch.


Look for “Beef Share Near Me” for Your Favorite Prime Cuts of Beef


The benefits of joining a beef share are undeniable – from getting prime cuts of your choice to the nutritional benefits of grass-fed and humanely raised beef. Before going for it, though, here are some things to know and/or consider. 


  • It is usually a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The cow has to “tip,” or enough shares must be sold before the sales go through.
  • Prices would still vary depending on the part or cut you want.
  • If you go for half or a quarter, be prepared to cook and eat every part that comes with it.
  • If you aim for a more significant beef share, make sure you have proper storage or freezer space.


Beef or cow shares sell every edible part of a cow, from the famous prime cuts for steaks to the cow’s tongue. Here are some of the beef cuts you could choose from when you become a “stakeholder” in a cow share or cow pooling.


Ground Beef


This is perhaps the most versatile, economical, and still flavorful cut. It could be shaped into burger patties or meatballs or maybe browned for various dishes.


Stew Meat


This is a well-trimmed beef cut into ¾ to 1 ½-inch pieces. This is commonly cut from the sirloin but may also be from any other tender cut.


Sirloin Tip Roast


This is a budget cut from the knee. Like the top sirloin roast, it is also lean but flavorful.




This is a traditional flavorful cut used for corned beef and is also famous for smoked barbecue.





This is a cut from the abdomen that has a deep, rich, beefy flavor.


Chuck Roast


Also called shoulder roast, this is the classic pot roast.




This is a well-marbled cut consisting of the strip and tenderloin connected by a t-shaped bone.


Rump Roast


This is a lean, economical cut best enjoyed when braised.


Rib Eye


This is from the rib section of the cow. The rib steak, rib-eye steak, and prime rib roast are essentially the same cut. It is tender since it lies in the upper rib, which does not bear weight and doesn’t get much exercise.




It is a steak cut taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin that runs along both sides of the spine.




This is a relatively long and flat cut that can be prepared in several tasty ways.




This is a larger version of the T-bone steak since it is carved from the larger portion of the tenderloin.


You could search online for available beef shares or cow pooling near you. You may also make inquiries on your local farm markets for its availability. Make a wise and healthy choice; get your favorite cuts from grass-fed cows now. Get in touch with the nearest cow pooling near you.